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Women’s Design Cut & Dry
A cut and dry just for the women.            starting at $65

Wet cut                                                                    $30


Men’s Design Cut
A cut and style just for gentlemen.             starting at $25


Bang Trim
A quick trim for bangs that are
getting a little too long.                                  $10


Blow Dry
Perfect for a night out or a big
job interview.                                             starting at $25


Make Up and Up Do                               Upon consultation


Kertain Straightener
This is perfect for over-treated or
colored hair. The intensive
conditioners penetrate the hair to
soften, and help repair damage.
This also will defrizz, & straighten
your curl. Can be done on any type
of hair & also following a color
service to lock the color in.                          starting at $90



A series of waves in the hair made
by applying heat & chemicals. Will
give the hair a wave from real curly
to loose soft curls. It all depends on
what you are looking for.                               stating $65




Natural human hair is used with our
extensions. Pick from a variety of
colors & types of hair. Decide
between DreamCatcher or HotHead
Hair Extensions. We want to provide
you with the type that best suits your
needs. Our Stylists are certified in
both.                                                             Upon consultation.


Steam Hair treatment                                  

A steam hydration treatment is a form

of deep conditioning for hair, this

treatment utilizes steam and heat as

the catalyst for change and movement.           starting $25


Hair Reporalization    

Advance moisturizing theraphy specially

formulated for damaged hair to restore

the hair's natural pH and elasticity, by  

means of massage and cranio-encéfal

product penetration, as a cocktail

treatment.                                                       starting $40


Hair Botox

It is a deep conditioner that reconstructs hair,

producing frizz-free locks for all types of hair.

The secret of Hair Botox is the organic

microspheres which are designed to determine

the degree of absorption, allowing the vitamins,

antioxidants and proteins to penetrate in to the

hair providing incredible results.                    starting $100











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