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There are an endless number of ways you can style your hair, whether you wear it up or down, or have it long or short. Although styling depends on the length and texture of your hair, there are many ways to accomplish a look that suits your persona.


Healthy hair not only means a good haircut and shampoo, scalp is a very important part of it,  A steam hydration treatment is a form of deep conditioning for hair, this treatment utilizes steam and heat as the catalyst for change and movement. A typical conditioning treatment the conditioner just coats the outside of the hair without truly permeating the scalp and hair shaft. In a hydration treatment, the steam and heat cause the hair shaft to expand, thereby allowing the conditioner to truly seep in and do what it was designed to do. This produces hair that is moisturized and because it is not seeking moisture styles hold longer.

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Aqua hair extensions! This extensions are extremely flat and durable, conforms to the shape of the head, are comfortable to wear, and are the most natural hair extension method. No adhesive and no damage to your hair at all! These extensions take less than an hour to apply. Aqua hair extensions last up to 12 weeks and are re-useable for up to 3 re-applications.


No additional adhesives on the scalp, no weaving, no braiding, no clips, no chemicals, or messy removal. Easy to apply and remove. Custom orders available too including ombre and highlights. Aqua extensions are your solution to natural hair extensions. are made from the highest quality 100% remy human hair.

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